What I’m wearing:
Skin: League Jen Nena Janus
Hair: Olive The Melody Hair Naminaeko
Shirt: Tulip V Neck Sweater Minami Susanowa
Socks: Erratic Eve Holiday Socks – 15 Purple Erratic Rain *Arcade*

vespertine Amelie Knelstrom
Nougat Skybox
Postcard Garland

Dust Bunny ixinoel *Arcade items*
Christmas Tree RARE
vintage space heater . blue
cookies & cocoa
Snow globe
porcelain deer
gingerbread house
Twinkley Twigs

What Next Winter Thorn/Franklee Anatra
Pine Ridge Double Sleeping Bag
Winter Cubby Armchairs
Plain Bicycle
Winter Laural Floor Lamp
Serendipity Garden Guitar

Apple Fall warehousefifteendesigns
Christmas Cookies
Give a gift boxes

Alouette Scarlet Chandrayaan
Bailey’s Fireplace Set
Bailey’s Fireplace Tools
Bailey’s Fireplace Stool
The Raven Bookends
I love you/I know Signs
Wooden Slowflake

Fetch DistortedDreams
Kuu Set Slumbering Art
Candle Lantern

Mudhoney Rayvn Hynes
Leslie Pillows
Neve End Table
Meredith Curtains

Cheeky Pea Isla Gealach
Los Robles Rug
Otto Blanket Chest

Pilot Kaz Nayar
Winter Coat Rack

The Secret Store Maylee Oh
Alpaca Ride

Tres Blah Julliette Westerburg *Old Arcade Items*
Bon Voyage MP3
Bon Voyage Suitcase Clutter RARE

Fri.Day Floor Pillows Darling Monday
Atomic Toast Pal Buttered Toast Ivy Graves
Half Deer Sleepy Italian Greyhound Halogen Magic
Floorplan to kill a mockingbird novel Tegan Serin
Brixley framed poster Isabelle Requiem
Trompe Loeil Spotlight Lamp Cory Edo
HPMD stuffed rabbit Sasaya Kayo
Mango Cheeks Teddy Slippers Kelly Bellman


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